Monday 8/3/2020~SWFL Eagles.. A fish for each, and proud parents during sunset.. :-)

8/7/2020 4:30:24 PM

JCsEagleCottage - E15 is in the attic, as mom makes a nice entry with a fish, E15 follows her to the nest to claim the fish. Doesn't start eating right away, as if she/he was waiting for E16 to show up. E16 is in the snag tree in the pasture just waiting for second fish to show up with dad. E16 flies to the nest to end up below the nest as dad shows up with fish number two, also this one gets claimed by E15 who's already on the nest. Dad up to the attic, E16 to the attic as dad leaves again. E16 to the nest. Both eating.. Mom and dad are on the outer branch together. E15 to the spike and veranda. Both E's done eating, Mom to the nest to check on leftover fish. E16 joins her. Tug-o-fish, while E15 is watching. E16 via veranda to the attic, mom still eating leftovers. E15 joins her but it looks like there's nothing left anymore. Mom back to the outer branch to join dad again for the night.. :-) Courtesy: Dick Pritchett Real Estate, SWFL Florida Eagle cam. Watch live: https://www.dickpritchettrealestate.c... Recorded & edited by Anja Edelman